Sub Retail

Don't fall into the trap!

You may be losing money if you are receiving Newspapers and Magazines direct from the wholesaler. If your weekly newsbill is between £300 -£350, then it is likely your profit will be swallowed by carriage charges (anything less than £200 and you will be LOSING money).

So instead of giving up selling newspapers and magazines, give Garners News a call to discuss us supplying you.

  • ‍If you have a quiet week you will still make money, as your profit will not be swallowed up by the delivery charge.
  • We offer a Sub retail Service, every morning, 7 days a week by no later than 6:00am
  • Full Sale or return (papers & magazines)
  • ‍Discount of 10% on cover price with no delivery charge.
  • ‍Can supply everything you get from 'Menzies'
  • ‍You can use vouchers to pay your bill with us and they will credited the same week.
  • ‍You'll receive an itemised weekly account

Just phone or contact us if your shop is in Eastbourne, Sevenoaks, Tunbridge Wells or Crowborough area(s).